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Baan Rabiengkao Co.,Ltd was founded from the sophisticated experience of constructions all over Thailand . The mission began with our management director and quality teamwork together, starting off with resort construction and examples at Aumphor Hua Hin,  Prachuabkirikan to serve the customers who want to build the house and see the real house model.  With our expertise in construction and design plus the dedicated teamwork, we build our best.

We are the construction company which invested in building house models, especially on our own area, for customers. We also have our own resort for rental with 24 hours service in case any troubles. Therefore, we are not less than other construction companies since we provide excellent after sale service.

Why  choose us?  

Rabieng Kao studies every aspect in demand of habitants about living.

Design and consult about construction and interior matters as well as outside garden.

Open for inspection of house models to see quality of the work.

Recommendation for renting a house during the construction.

Booking to visit sample house
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