Build a pool villa house
”  From thought became action. From a dream it began to become a reality.  We got to build a house just the way we liked it. as imagined On the land, the atmosphere is airy and comfortable. See the view of the Hin Lek Fai mountain range. which is our land in Hua Hin is better The aim is for this project to be created into a cute resort. So that people can stop by and relax as they please. And then we started running the resort. "Baan Rabiang Khao" has been completed. It is the first project we created to support the idea of building houses for others to live in.

Until the year 2018, what we aimed for was a business of building dream homes for people to live in. It finally became a reality. We have learned throughout our past careers, invented, imagined, and designed houses. And most importantly, we were able to operate a resort that we built ourselves. Custom design throughout Hua Hin and expand construction Bangkok and surrounding areas as well. We take care of it ourselves. Including service to customers who come to stay by themselves. As a result, today we have a complete set of costs to become a dream home building business. And we believe that every house that passes through our hands It will make both the employer and every resident in the house have a good experience. Always happy when I'm home. Answering every need of every resident. Because we "take care" of every lifestyle of the people in the house. And in 2021, Khao Rabiang has separated brand names to meet the needs of building a luxury home, starting at 8 MB.-30 MB.

2022 Khao Rabiang has built a pool villa house that meets the needs. Every lifestyle for those who truly want to relax.

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