฿ 1,578,000 ฿ 1,578,000
฿ 3,500,000 ฿ 3,500,000
฿ 7,100,000 ฿ 7,100,000
฿ 3,400,000 ฿ 3,400,000
฿ 2,800,000 ฿ 2,800,000
฿ 3,600,000 ฿ 3,600,000
฿ 2,200,000 ฿ 2,200,000

For Restaurant,Coffee shop and office

฿ 6,000,000 ฿ 6,000,000

Modern style Hua Hin villa worth 3.4 million baht

฿ 3,400,000 ฿ 3,400,000

This is a 2-storey modern style composed of mirror design for visibility; there are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a big foyer for a meeting and doing activities in the family.

฿ 2,900,000 ฿ 2,900,000

This house is suitable for those who love the modern design building, sufficient area for living; dominant in special design as a house for living inside fully equipped but outer part looks like a building.

฿ 4,029,000 ฿ 4,029,000

This house is suitable for those who own face-width land and have a big family. It is dominant in the design that exhibits openly at front and modernized; contemporary design of the roof for the long-lasting usage.

฿ 7,606,400 ฿ 7,606,400

This house is suitable for a big family; with a dominant design of cool tone color and modern style of big mirror at the front stairs in the foyer; which lightens up the building so there’s no need to turn on the light in the room.

฿ 6,302,720 ฿ 6,302,720

This is a well-designed house that separates the car park and the building in order to utilize the area properly. There is a shrine in front of the house; giving more beautiful dimension. The wall is also decorated with the stone pattern tiles.

฿ 9,342,000 ฿ 9,342,000

This house is dominant in the close-to-nature design, which provides sitting area and exercise area with a pool view at the back (price excluded the swimming pool) or a garden view. There is a cinema which is a common area for everyone in the family.

฿ 10,634,690 ฿ 10,634,690

This is a big house that has a modern style in building, roof and outer design; with transparent built specially to allow the light from outside to shine in; and perfect combination of the battens and a big mirror.

฿ 9,557,100 ฿ 9,557,100

This is a big house dominant in the open space on the 2nd floor to see the view downstairs; the unique roof decorated with marble; the battens that were used to build as part of the building.

฿ 7,593,390 ฿ 7,593,390
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