About us

From the path of work and direct experience that had been made with many famous home building companies, it’s inspiring that one day we will make a house that fits with what people need so that they can have benefits of the house that we created. ‘There’s no place like home’ is a well-explained sentence for people that they can spend their time warmly together, share and enjoy activities. There are beautiful gardens to rest your eyes with green trees and relax your brain with a scenic view of grass and colorful flowers. It is such an ideal life from imagination to inspiration of building houses in one day to fulfill people’s need for the best forms of living.


From thought to action, we’ve almost become what we intended at first. Our dream is to build ideal home which we prefer to live on open air land with a view of Hin Lek Fai. So, we decided to use Hua Hin as a landmark, aiming to create a lovely resort to serve the people who want to take a rest. We eventually inaugurated the project ‘Baan Rabieng Kao’ until finished. It is our first project and is used as a reference to effectively build home for our customers in the future.


In 2018, we’ve reached our goal which is to build ideal houses for people to live. It finally came true. We’ve dedicated and studied thoroughly before design and construct each house with our imagination that we’ve learned by doing. More importantly, we’ve built our own resort, with our own design, servicing by ourselves.  We also take care of our customers by our team so that it makes us the perfect home builder in every way. As a construction industry entrepreneur, we believe that building an ideal home for our customers is the most important thing in our mission. We assure that the house is congruent with the people who live in. Our customer will We fulfill customer’s need because we ‘care’ for everyone in the house.

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