Single House On The Rabiengkao Land


Single house on the Rabiengkao land "On the best location" of Hin Lek Fai Subdistrict, Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan. Convenient transportation, close to the main road , near important tourist attractions , shopping center and many amenities. In a location that has potential that is worth the investment.


If talking about "Hua Hin" everyone must think of popular tourist attractions. It is a city with many important tourist attractions that people visit the most. Both natural tourism and travel according to lifestyle, it is a collection of fresh seafood eating places, shopping areas and there are white beaches, clear water, beautiful views of Hua Hin sea.

With the outstanding and charm of Hua Hin which is an important economic area and a location that is not far from Bangkok. Travel is convenient, it is ideal for investors looking for a good location and want to invest in real estate.

Single house on the Rabiengkao land  "Located in the best location" of Hin Lek Fai Subdistrict, Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan. It is a project created to meet the cost-effectiveness, it is a potential location. There is a high potential for investment growth.

Located in the best location.

The demand for buying a house in Hua Hin is high. Hua Hin District is an economic area, an important tourist city and there are plans for project development in various fields continuously. Therefore, the demand to be an owner of the area is increasing with the Rabiengkao want to build a house project that provides value and emphasize the benefits of higher value in buying a home for investment. Then, we choose the best location in Hin Lek Fai Subdistrict, Hua Hin District which is located in the economic area in the zone that is growing steadily with various project development plans coming continuously such as development in transportation, public utilities, tourist attractions and various business groups that come to invest higher every year increasing day by day. Due to these 4 main reasons that will become an important variable in support to push the value of land in this area to higher as the development of facilities in various fields. It can be said that the location has a high potential for the future that is worth the investment.

Convenient transportation perfect for living.

In addition to a location value, another important factor is convenient to travel by the project is located in a convenient transportation location, just 500 meters from the main road Petchkasem Bypass, traffic is not obstructed, takes only 15 minutes to get to Hua Hin town. Near the sea, only 11 km. The selection of the project location on the main road not only for convenience to travel and save time during rush hours only but the important thing is the safety of the residents that do not have to go deep alley especially at nighttime that may lead to insecurity and worried about daily life.

Surrounded by tourist attractions and facilities

Not only convenient in traveling directions, convenient facilities. To meet various needs in everyday life is very important. Rabiengkao project is located in a location near the city that has access to various facilities easily such as shopping areas, Silpakorn University, International schools, educational institutions, etc.

Aside from a source of daily living amenities, Hua Hin surrounded by major tourist attractions such as Huai Mongkhon Temple, golf course, Rajabhakti Park, Pa La-U Waterfall, Hua Hin Night Market,  Sam Roi Yot National Park, Hin Lek Fai Moutain, Black Mountain and many others is considered prime locations for living. Especially, families that are able to complete activities together. 

Good social atmosphere, not crowded, surrounded by a natural atmosphere.

Aside from the location and the distinctive features of the residential area. Another important factor is the indicator of the quality of life of society. The project of  Rabiengkao has chosen a location with a good atmosphere, not crowded, surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere. Get privacy and see panoramic views that are surrounded by mountains, feeling emotional in the holiday home.

We create houses that are contemporary in the Modern Contemporary Style, Modern Country Style, Vintage Gable style. There are a variety of house styles in order to answer the customers by having the function to develop a living area to be the area that can be used the most. Combined with the design that fits in with the residence. With a public road that has an area of 8 meters with a central swimming pool and many various facilities. This is a project that has an atmosphere of true relaxation and most importantly does not have to pay any common fees.

In addition, the front of the project has Co-Working Space, both restaurants and cafes to serve people who want to find a seat in a comfortable atmosphere close to nature. Along with the organic vegetable farm to support the convenience of living better.

Key features of Rabiengkao

Detached house on the land of Rabiengkao with the idea of building a house for all customers to participate in building the house to meet the customer needs. Feel like building your own house with important features that are different from other house projects. All customers can choose a plot of land, choose a house type, and can customize the layout according to your needs. This is to allow customers to participate in every step of the house from the beginning of the structure until the house is finished. In general, customers will be able to do this only when having to build one's own house but Rabiengkao sees differently at this point. This is the selling point of the project. In a current project, there are only 7 houses.

Different from other places Rabiengkao not just selling the land but also provides water and electricity for customers, no need to get a headache with the process itself as buying general a plot of land.

Prices start at 1.99 million baht with an area of 51 sq. w.

For convenience and easy to manage for customers who want to build a house for rent Ban  Rabiengkao able to manage your rental house with a professional team and also preparing for the process of submitting bank loans to all customers.


For more information 

TEL: 098-905-5686
ID LINE: rabiengkao
FB : ระเบียงขาว รับสร้างบ้าน

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